︎︎︎ Self-portrait, circa 2015


Hi, I’m Edmund, but most friends call me Ed.

I have spent the past 3+ years developing concepts and design solutions in tech startups, design agencies and architecture studios, where I was exposed to projects of varied natures — from the macro to the micro, the physical to the digital, the practical to the wondrous.

Throughout the process, I find huge satisfaction in helping people solve problems and create new value, through a combination of insight-driven research and meaningful storytelling. My approach is based on research, strategy and collaboration.

Fun Facts

ln my free time, I enjoy running, reading and listening to podcasts. I doodle on the side too︎︎︎.

I also co-founded Offcut Factory︎︎︎, an ongoing initiative that collaborates with local manufacturing businesses to make use of their material offcuts more innovatively.

Currently spending my weekdays as an industrial designer at an architectural collective, where I work with cross-functional teams to conceptualize memorable physical, digital touchpoints and service experiences for forward-thinking clients.


Panellist and Speaker, “Wallpaper* Handmade”, National Design Centre 2018

Other Stuff

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