︎︎︎ Self-portrait, circa 2015.

Hi, I’m Edmund, but my friends call me Ed.

I’m a huge believer in the power of design to reframe problems and inspire people to look at the world we live in a little differently.

Because of this, my work is often future-focused and optimistic. To date, I have spent the past 5 years in tech startups, design agencies and architecture studios working with and leading multidisciplinary teams to develop concepts into market. I have had the pleasure to be exposed to projects of varied natures—from the macro to the micro, the physical to the digital, and the practical to the wondrous.


Fun facts
  • I doodle. Very occasionally.

  • Currently reading Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein.

  • I work on passion projects in my spare time, often centering around the domains of heritage, craft and community.

  • Also volunteering at better.sg, as a product designer for To Be You, an award-winning, empathy-based Singaporean interactive fiction game that lets you experience life as someone else.

  • In my free time, I contemplate whether Kanye or Kendrick is the greatest rapper of our generation.

Wallpaper* Handmade Next Generation Singapore Designer, Good Design Research recipient, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow finalist, IKEA Young Designer Award finalist...

2022—100 Marble Tiles, Design Superposition, National Design Centre
2022—Offcut Factory, Good Design Research, National Design Centre
2018—Boo & Bam, Exchanged Forms, 3331 Arts Chiyoda
2018—Boo & Bam, Exchanged Forms, Ventura Future
2018—Wobble Lantern, Wallpaper* Handmade on Tour, Gillman Barracks
2018—Squeezy Lamp, Wallpaper* Handmade, Mediateca Santa Teresa
2018—Squeezy Lamp, Wallpaper* Handmade Retreat, Gillman Barracks
2017—Squeezy Peasy, DID Grad Show 2017, National Design Centre
2017—Design Future/Now, National Design Centre
2016—NUS Open House, National University of Singapore
2015—DID Grad Show 2015, National Design Centre
2015—inSight, CHI 2015, COEX Convention and Exhibition Centre
2015—NUS Open House, National University of Singapore

2022—Play by Design, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
2022—OFF THE RECORD, National Design Centre
2022—5W1H, School of Art, Design and Media
2020—OFFCUT FACTORY, Design Runway, TechInnovation
2018—Panelist, Wallpaper* Handmade, National Design Centre

Other stuff about me
Made with love by me, circa 2022. If you are interested in my work, or want to chat about design or opportunities, email me.