Squeezy Peasy

Squeezing is such a familiar gesture rooted in everyday life. In addition, there seems to be an inextricable relationship between squeezing and a sense of joy.

Driven by a fascination around this gesture, I was interested in imagining objects that could live in this world—objects which could seemingly come to life through the act of squeezing.

Wallpaper* Handmade Next Generation Singapore Designer

Wallpaper* August 2018
DesignSingapore Council
The Business Times
NUS News

Wallpaper* Handmade: Wellness & Wonder
Wallpaper* Handmade Retreat, Singapore Design Week

Cover photo is taken courtesy of Alberto Strada of the Wallpaper* team.

︎ The table lamp increases in brightness the more it is squeezed, and dims when a plug at the back is released. With a similar gesture, the portable speaker increases its volume, and gradually quietens when it is set upright.

︎ Castable polyurethane foam and silicone were used to prototype the squeezable components for the objects.

︎ Development of a thin cylindrical pressure sensor that can detect pressure from all directions.

︎ Following an open call by Wallpaper* for all young Singaporean designers to submit their ideas along the theme of “Wellness + Wonder”, the lamp was selected as part of 44 projects to be shown at the 2018 Handmade exhibition held in Milan and Singapore.