I’m Edmund Zhang, and I explore future visions, craft new interactions and shape great products for people—through research, design and storytelling. 👁‍🗨

Some projects that I’ve worked on:

Reinventing a last-surviving heritage business for the future

Design for Deities An innovative co-creation of a new contemporary product line, so that more non-Chinese audiences around the world can appreciate the stories of these mythological figures—and the timeless values they embody—in fresh, exciting ways.

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Investigating delightful tactile interactions in objects

Squeezy Peasy
Squeezing is such a familiar gesture rooted in everyday life. In addition, there seems to be an inextricable relationship between squeezing and a sense of joy.

Driven by a fascination around this gesture, I was interested in imagining objects that could live in this world—objects which could seemingly come to life through the act of squeezing. 

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Designing a touch-reactive lighting object

Wobble Lamp Following the Squeezy Peasy project, I was invited by Wallpaper* to design a new lighting object in collaboration with Slamp, an Italian lighting brand.

The Wobble Lamp is a touch-sensitive light that jiggles after it is switched on, creating a playful interaction between the object and the user.

Utilizing the company’s signature Lentiflex® flexible plastic strips, the soft structure is filled with warm light upon a gentle tap at the top of the lamp.

Designing intuitive interactions for the elderly

How might we kick-start communication for the elderly in Singapore who live apart from their loved ones?

inSight is a system of paired devices that act as a virtual two-way surface, connecting users through constant audio and video feed—achieved through the utilization of a simple interface metaphor of a fogged glass panel.

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Reframing material waste for the local manufacturing industry

Offcut Factory
A research initiative which partnered with local manufacturing businesses to create new value from their material waste by design. Was supported by DesignSingapore Council, under the Good Design Research programme.

We have since collaborated with craftsmen from local factories to co-design a collection of lifestyle objects made from their discarded offcuts, and held pop-up exhibitions to promote greater awareness around the issue of material waste in Singapore. 

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Exploring colors through natural ingredients

Pals of the Earth Together with my friends in our free time, we investigate into the world of natural colors through Pals of the Earth (PALS), an ongoing project where we aim to understand how colors are originally derived, extracted and finally imbued into everyday objects.  

For our first series, each outcome is periodically documented through the medium of a t-shirt.

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