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Dell Future Studio
Envisioning the future of organic technology

Jointly supported by the Dell Design Team, our team delved into the process of deconstructing and designing user experience and products. By finding triggers from the mundane to radical departures, we exercised our imagination through research, story-telling and pre-emptive design.

Ideation and vision building

By exploring into trivial behaviours and relationships with things that are normal today, the aim is to derive what could be normal tomorrow.

Our team looked into fresh foods and produce of today as they cannot be tracked during their journey from production to plate. We started to envision a future where technology could be more temporary, disposable and degradable.

What if technology is literally snackable?

Key features of concept

1. Edible

Technology in the future is integrated into food and can be consumed normally. Consumers are also able to precisely track and gain a better understanding of their food intake as it enters their bodies.

2. Degradable

Due to the organic nature of the tech, it is able to visualise the freshness of the food when applied by degrading over time. This also allows the consumers to make more informed decisions about their purchase.

3. Trackable

During purchase, consumers will be able to know the exact details of food prices, origins and nutritional details.

Healthcare professionals can also get a better understanding of food-related information from an individual patient’s health to the societal level.



Lee Simin, Gloria Ng

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