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Relation Tape
"How big? How wide?" Reimagining standard units of measure

This project came about while ideating for a conceptual measuring tool for Kokuyo Design Award 2018, an annual stationery design competition held in Japan.

Beyond the standard units of measurement such as centimeters or inches, we observed that people can instinctively relate closer when taking an object we see everyday as a point of reference. For example, one can immediately grasp the proportions of a device that is “as long as a pencil”, or a picture frame that is “as wide as an iPhone.”

Taking reference from familiar everyday objects, their lengths are visualized on a measuring tape. Through this more universal unit of measurement, we hope to establish a new relationship of how we relate to objects around us.

“Can you immediately picture how long is 24 centimeters or 11 inches?

In other words, are current units of measure the best way to effectively communicate the properties of something to one another?”


Jon Chan Hao, Lim Li Xue

Matthew Wong
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