Some Bravo Things
Physical branding concepts beyond an aesthetical approach

Being one of the only two industrial designers at Bravo, a branding and marketing agency, my role at the company was varied, diverse and oftentimes, stretched across different design disciplines.

While at the agency, I took on multiple projects which spanned from wayfinding, placemaking to packaging — all of which flexed the need for playful, conceptual thinking beyond a purely aesthetical approach.

Packaging design

One of the many projects were for an overseas client in the medical cannabis industry, where packaging visualisations and branding were conceptualised as part of the brief.

Placemaking and wayfinding

I was also in charge of proposing wayfinding concepts for residences and services for clients such as Seedland Group, a real estate and technology corporation based in China.

To all the wonderful and talented folks at Bravo Creative

Made with love by me, circa 2022. If you are interested in my work, or want to chat about design or opportunities, email me.