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Rethinking the supermarket experience through tech

Habitat by Honestbee is a technology-enabled, multi-sensorial dining and shopping destination — which served as a physical retail extension to its online grocery app.

Through weaving multiple technology-integrated touchpoints within the space, the aim was to create a seamless shopping experience which we hoped would improve customer experience and foster a greater sense of discovery.

My roles included crafting brand experiences through immersive seasonal installations and themed window displays, down to coordinating with external vendors to fabricate fixtures and tools to support operational needs. Communicated and worked across branding, VM and UX departments to prepare the space for its launch on October 2018.

Experience journey

Each product in Habitat can be scanned using the Honestbee app, where shoppers can discover more about the product, and pay for it online with a single tap without going through a queue.

Alternatively, shoppers can wheel their items into an automatic checkout point, where products are scanned and packed for collection at the exit, freeing up shoppers’ hands to continue with the rest of their retail experience.

At the collection point, shoppers can scan a QR code linked to their account on the app, where a system of automized robotic shelves delivers your items — all bagged and ready for pickup — directly to your hands.


Honestbee Special Projects Team
Special thanks to Vanessa Lim, Joyce Li, Samantha Lee, Winnie Wong, Stanley Cheah, Megan Soh, Cheyne Koh

Interior Design
Wynk Collaborative

Lighting Design
Light Collab

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